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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jang Keun Suk Weibo Microblogging Fans Exceeded 10 Million! Will we see the Asia Prince Dancing in the Great Wall?

Korean Entertainment l Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk popularity filled Greater China. May it be concerts, drama, variety shows, JKS is bursting with charm. 

Today July 18, 2013, Jang Keun Suk breaks his own Weibo Microblogging Record by reaching 10 Million followers. He started his Weibo Account last August 12, 2011 and his followers increased in a speedy rate since then.

When he held a Sina Weibo Q and A event on 2012-08-10 5pm (Shanghai local time) where Jang Keun Suk would pick and answer questions asked from weibo on line users, he was asked "If weibo followers go over 10 million, are you really going to dance on the Great Wall?" He answered, "Not only dance on the great wall, I will also eat Jajangmyun (Black Bean Sauce noodles)."

Will Jang Keun Suk fulfill his promise?

Translated by: Hershey (sukkiefiedeel) of JKSPH l ECI
SINA Q and A Reference by: ECI

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