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Sunday, June 30, 2013

An Imaginary FA: Jang Keun Suk Philippines Tour July 2014

June 29, 2013. I spent my whole day reading FAs (fan accounts) from different eels all over the world. Early in the morning, I posted that I'm wondering and hoping that I can write my own too. Later in the day, I decided that I'll be writing an imaginary one for now. I chose the month of July for imaginary story since it's my birthday month. This imaginary FA of mine may not be as exciting as the real ones, but I'll make sure to write a good one when its time for the real one. :D

Note: This FA is just my imagination if JKS will visit here in the Philippines. :)

The News

I've been an eel since April 07, 2013. It's been a year and three months now. When I heard from my ECI sisters that JKS will be coming here in the Philippines, I literally shouted crazily at work and my officemates was really shocked. I've been waiting for this kind of news since I became an eel. I believe that every eel's greatest dream is to see him in person. I remember telling my co-admins in JKSPH that we will surely take a leave at work when he comes here. And now, all of this is becoming a reality.

Getting the Tickets

Just like any other JKS shows, the tickets were almost sold out the 1st day of sales. The concert venue will be held in the largest coliseum here in Philippines. Thank God for my job that allows me to be online 24/7 that I was able to grab the chance to get a VIP ticket for his show. Me and my friends immediately set up a meeting on what we can do for him when he arrives here. Knowing that we have some plans a year ago, each of us decided to go to take a leave at work. Thanks to our friendly ECI sister correspondents and some eel sisters here in PH that we were able to get the news when he will arrive and what flight together with the details of the hotel where he will be staying. Everything was going smoothly and our excitement for the day he comes here grows stronger as the date approaches.

We decided to have a designed bus for him that will be the official shuttle of PH eels. This bus will also be used to take the PH eels in the airport for the date of his arrival. Aside from this, yours truly has been given the most exciting yet most terrifying task during his stay here - to give the PH eel's gift to his managers or to him (if I'm lucky enough).

The Breaking News

One week before his arrival here, we were informed that he will also held a fan meeting after the concert. That means I needed to extend my leave! Oh my! The things I can do for this guy. Me and my co-admins and other eel friends were so excited. Each eel group in PH whole-heartedly prepared a gift for him. Mind you, these gifts are not just ordinary gifts, one group prepared rented a billboard ad for him in the Metro, another group made a TV ad for him. Yes! a TV ad. This has been the fruit of what were working on for the past years. LOL. These aside from small gifts such as love cards, books and videos are what we have prepared him. Together of course with the love we have for him. Kyaa this FA is getting exciting as we goes by..

Arrival Date - 10 July 2014 11am - Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Most PH eels were already in the airport as early as 5am. And yes! I'm proud to say that I'm one of them. Me and my co-admins were really excited to meet him first hand. As 11am, the time of his arrival approaches, the airport become filled with eels both from PH and other international eels. 10am, our ECI sisters from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Korea arrived. We were like sisters separated for more than a year seeing, hugging and screaming when we saw each other in the airport. We have prepared some snacks for the group because there will be not enough time to go out and buy snacks. But to be honest, none of us were able to eat because of the excitement.

11am arrived. We noticed that his plane just landed on Philippine soil! Everybody was screaming loudly and happily. We were informed that JKS chose to use the regular exit since he wanted to see us PH eels. Thank God he didn't go VIP! Our efforts were not wasted! After almost 7 hours of waiting, we saw Gunsama exiting. All of us were screaming that the security guards thought that it was already JKS. LOL! After a few minutes, the screaming goes louder as we see the crew, the dancers and his managers came out. Then come JKS! We were screaming out loud that the whole place can hear and were shaken by our scream. Our lovely prince just came out! Most of us fell into tears seeing him in person. We have waited this long to see him. There were tears in our eyes but the smiles in our faces can beat Monalisa!

He stopped for a few seconds since some eels were crying hard because of happiness. I was stunned, teary eyed and my voice just won't come out when he stared in my direction and threw a flying kiss. Omo!! Is that for me? I already claimed it sooo.. haha! He said, how are you in our language "Kamusta kau?" and the screaming gets louder. He said "Let's see each other soon again ok?" then he waved goodbye. That moment was really a dream for me and other PH eels. Dream come true! Ahh the days that I've been longing to see him is over because he's here right in front of me. After this few seconds of meet and greet we were ready to follow him. (Yeah lol. But don't worry because we will not be as bad as saeseng fans")

On the way to Hotel - 10 July 2014 1pm - Diamond Hotel

As planned we are checking in to the same hotel where he will be. :) Thanks to our ECI sisters who helped us gather this information. I drove the car and make our way to the hotel. Since we can only fit 6 individuals in the car, some of us need to get a taxi on the way to the hotel. My co-admins and other ECI sisters were able to book a room in the same hotel where Suk will be in. We arrived in the hotel almost 2pm. We checked in with full of hope to bump into him or one of his managers at least.

While we were on our way up we were so stuttered when we saw two ladies enter the elevator. It was Cherry and Mama Jang. Me and 2 my friends were trying our best not to scream but my other friend, due to excitement, uttered: "Hi Mama Jang". We were so frightened that Mama Jang will have a bad impression on us but she smiled and gracefully said "HI". Cherry also smiled at us. Ahh that was something really unexpected. They stopped at the floor ( I won't mention it here) and guess what? We are going in the same floor! Oh my!! Is JKS on the same floor too??!! So we tried our best to get out of the elevator after Mama Jang and Cherry went out and go to our room. We can't even look back whether they will go left and right since we already some security guards in the floor. We entered our room and shout our hearts out banging ( yes literally) my head in the pillow. I'm trying my best to shut my mouth but I can't help it. But wait. I forgot something. The gift we're supposed to give him lol. I figured out that it was in the paper bag I'm holding but I'm just too nervous being in the same elevator with the 2 most important women for Suk. FAIL!

We rested till 6pm and then went out to go down for dinner with the other eels booked in the same hotel as us. Even though we just met each other, it feels like we've known each other for so long. We talked, we laughed and shared our stories together. We found out that its almost 9pm lol. We decided to back in our rooms and rest.

Unexpected Encounter - 11 July 2014 9am

We're about to go down for breakfast. Since I woke up late, I don't have much time to fix myself. We went out of our room and talked when we saw Gunsama walking to the elevator. This time I was not so stunned like when we met Mama Jang and Cherry to the elevator. I hurriedly went back to the room and get our gift to give it to Gunsama. (This is without realizing that I'm really not in good look since I just woke up) I think it only took me 15seconds to get the gift and hurriedly went back to the direction of the elevator. Even though, I hurriedly ran to get the gift, I wasn't able to catch up and give it to Gunsama. Another FAILURE!

We went down to eat breakfast as originally planned. The restaurant was in tight security. Knowing that JKS will be in the same hotel it is no question that they will be there. My 2 friends already find a seat for us while I was left in the entrance of the restaurant. I was still disappointed that I wasn't able to give the gift for the second time.

After a few seconds, a hotel security told me to go inside already. I was like "Ok." Then I saw JKS bodyguards going towards my direction ( or should I say towards the entrance of the restaurant). I was stunned when I saw him approaching. It was just a matter of steps before he comes near me. Oh my! I tried to fix myself and look a little presentable. When he's almost near me, he smiled. All I can do is show him the gift I have for him. Since I can't talk, he stopped and said "Is this for me?" I nodded yes. Damn I can't even speak! He said thank you, smiled and continue walking to get his breakfast. Unfortunately, he and his crew has reserved a closed portion of the restaurant for them. How I get to my seat together with my other 2 friends, I don't remember. My spirit is left standing in the entrance of the restaurant!! Ahhh! What's my name now? LOL. Blessing in disguise it is that I was not able to hand our gift to Mama Jang and Gunsama! LOL. Up until now I can't imagine that I'd have that very close encounter with him. Thank God I didn't drool. LOL

We spent the entire day preparing for tomorrow's concert and dinner with other ECI sisters.  Another night full of memories. What a great birthday gift for me! LOL (My birthday was 2 days ago) :)  

Concert Day - 12 July 2014

 This is it! The moment we were waiting for! I'll be hearing him sing and dance live on stage! Me and other ECI sisters woke up early to prepare and go to the venue. We arrived at the venue 10am. All JKS goodies were already for sale this early. We bought as many items as we can and we started to give purple light sticks. We, PH eels, called ourselves Purple Eels :D Just like what Japanese Eels did on Cri Show giving him a white world, PH eels, will give him a purple one. I remember him saying the purple for him is an important color as this is the theme of his Cri Show.

After buying almost all the goodies for sale in the venue, we have decided to eat lunch. We were so surprised that other eels were also in the same restaurant where we will be eating. It was an unforgettable lunch date with more than 50 eels in the restaurant. The restaurant crews and other non-eels customer already knew who JKS was before we left. :)

It was almost 4pm when we decided to go back to the venue. Knowing that we will be waiting for another 2-3hours before the concert, me and other ECI sisters decided to go around the venue for the second time and look for other merchandise.

The bus the other PH group rented was already in the venue. It was 6pm when we were allowed to enter the venue. I feel like I'm getting closer to him more and more as the time I see him on stage approaches. This is a perfect day. :)

Everyone inside the venue was waving our purple light sticks. We are lucky enough to be seated together 2nd row near the stage. Oh my the wait was truly worth it!, I said to myself. Then there was the Nature Boy intro. Everyone shouted like crazy! I shouted to my heart's content while my tears kept falling LOL. Again, Thank God I didn't faint. I'm really confused on what to do first. Should I take a picture? a video? or just look at him? LOL. I ended up getting a few photos and videos. :D

He started with his Nature Boy attire. Oh so sexy! You can see his arm muscles which looked like more toned than what we have in Beautiful Man. He dances like there is no tomorrow. He spoke in English most of the time and there are times when he spoke Korean and Japanese with translator. After the first set of songs: Nature Boy and Indian Summer, he talked for a bit. Here's a brief of what I have recorded:

JKS: Mabuhay Philippines!
Fans shouted like crazy!
JKS: I wonder why I waited so long to get here.
Again, fans shouted "Yeah! you should've have been here sooner!"
JKS: Ok Ok. Don't scold me. But how come you all can sing my song in Japanese and Korean? Can you speak Japanes? Korean?
Fans: Nooooo!
JKS: So why sing? You love me that much?
Fans: YES!!!!
JKS: *tore down his shirt, Now we can his I love Fan TSHIRT with I love Philippines* I do love you too.
Fans: Saranghae!
JKS: I'm speaking English, why talk Korean? haha. But seriously, thank you for waiting for me eagerly. You've been good eels to me.

Then we go down to the last song of the night - Serenade. Everyone was in tears - tears of joy and love.The rest of the concert was history. That certain day in my life I know that I met another good soul in JKS. No artist in this world can make eels gather together in real friendship and love. This was another memorable day of my life. Seems like my past 27 years of sad memories disappeared this very moment. I can still remember how he dances gracefully (and sexy) on stage. I won't post the videos here for JKS sake. I'll create a music video with some of the clips from his PH tour and will post on YouTube. For the full copy of his concert, please support his official DVDs. :D

To JKS, thank you for making every Filipino eels' dreams come true. We hope to see you again soon!   



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